Jual Gitar original 1960 Fender Stratocaster Guitar – All Original murah



1960 Fender Stratocaster Guitar – All Original

This 1960 Fender Stratocaster is in 100% original condition, to include every screw, and even all solder joints are equally unmolested. It is a factory three tone sunburst over an original  butterscotch finish. This is  determined by the large letters “SB 93” under the pick guard area, and the “93” on the neck as seen in the photos. This was Fender’s way of identifying a personally owned guitar in for a refinish, from a production guitar.

Also, note the condition of the fret board and frets. This guitar was played ALOT. There are rather deep worn areas in the rosewood under the “cowboy” chord areas, and frets are quite worn, and should be replaced for improved playability. There is no stamped or penciled neck date which was not uncommon  on ’59 – ’60 rosewood board necks. Comes in a modern Fender case. If interested in this guitar, please contact me with any questions. Thank you.

“Another Fender misconception is the “big number stamp” seen on many custom refinished instruments. These large numbers are under the pick guard (on a body), and also on the neck, and stamped deeply in. I’ve seen this as early as 1959, and as as late as 1966. These numbers sometimes denote a guitar that has had some repair work, usually refinishing. The reason Fender used this stamp was very simple. Due to the large number of bodies and necks being Q&A at any one time, they had no way of keeping track of a particular guitar unless they marked it. If it was back for a refinish (a service Fender offered till the late 1960’s), they would serialize the body and/or neck with this large, deep stamp. This allowed the guitar to be stripped and sanded without losing it’s ownership. Then it could be put into the paint production system to be painted as if it was a new guitar. After the paint process was done, the large deeply stamped numbers would allow Fender to “find” the refinished parts and re-assemble them, and ultimately return them to their owners.”

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